Sonali Chicken Breed: Know 10 Amazing Things in Details!

If you are thinking to start chicken farming, specially for eggs and meat production, then Sonali Chicken Breed can prove to be the best for you. in this blog post let’s discuss in details about Sonali Chicken Breeds: Temperament, Appearance, Egg Production, Chick’s price, Feed and more.

Sonali chicken breed

Sonali Chicken Breed

The Sonali chicken breed is a dual-purpose chicken breed that is native to India. The Sonali chickens are become very popular in different parts of India in the last few years, due to its excellent eggs and meat production capability. This chicken breed is mostly reared in the region of West Bengal, Bihar, Jharkhand, Odisha, Chhattisgarh etc.

Here’s a table summarizing the key characteristics of the Sonali chicken breed:

OriginDeveloped in Bangladesh through crossbreeding
PurposeDual-purpose (meat and egg production)
Growth RateRapid weight gain
Body ColorMultiple Color
Egg Production150-200 per year
Meat ProductionBecome 1kg within 70-80 days
Feed RequirementCommercial feeds as well as Natural Feeds
TemperamentPolite and Gentle
Care and Managementvery easy to care

1) Origin

The Sonali chicken breed is a result of crossbreeding between Rhode Island Red cocks and Fayoumi hens. This chicken breed was developed in the 1986, the goal was to create this breed for improving eggs and meat production, rapid growth and low mortality in the rural region of Bangladesh.

Since 1986, it has since become one of the most popular poultry breeds in India. The name “Sonali” is derived from the Sanskrit word “sonar”, which means “golden”. This is in reference to the breed’s golden-brown plumage.

Watch: A Video About Sonali Chicken Breed

2) Temperament

The Sonali chicken breeds are known for their docile and gentle temperament. They are very easy to handle, which is good for the beginner poultry farmers to get knowledge about poultry farming. They are not aggressive. They are also become broody means good mothers and will raise their own chicks.

However, it is important to note that individual chickens can vary in temperament. Some Sonali chickens may be more active and outgoing than others. It is important to observe the chickens closely when you are choosing them to make sure that they are a good fit according to you goal.


3) Appearance

Sonali chickens are attractive breeds of chicken as they comes in Medium-size with multiple coloration, but mostly you will get to see the Sonali birds golden-brown in color. They are a good choice for backyard poultry keepers who are looking for a docile and easy-to-care-for breed.

Sonali poultry breed

Physical Appearance:

Sonali chickens are medium-sized birds, with an average weight of 2.5-3 kg for roosters and 2-2.5 kg for hens. They have golden or multiple color of plumage, with red combs and wattles, and yellow legs. Their feathers are soft and fluffy. They have a sturdy build and are known for their ability to survive in different environmental conditions.

  • Comb and Wattles: The comb of a Sonali chicken is single and upright. It is red in color and is relatively large. The wattles of a Sonali chicken are medium-sized and well-developed. They are also red in color.
  • Eyes and Beak: The eyes of a Sonali chicken are dark brown in color. Their beaks are yellow in color and are sturdy.
  • Legs and Feet: The legs of a Sonali chicken are yellow in color and are sturdy. Their feet are also yellow in color and have four toes each.


4) Sonali Chicken Chicks

In the world of poultry farming, the journey start with the hatching of chicks. The Sonali chicken chicks are known for their rapid growth, adaptability, and dual-purpose nature. If you thinking to start Sonali poultry farming than you must have to brings best and quality chicks from hatchery or local farmers to obtain higher production.

After an incubation period of approximately 21 days, the chicks start to break their eggshells and come into the world. During this phase, they are dependent on the yolk sac, which provides essential nutrients for their first few days of life. In this time chicks are transported to the farms.

If talk about the price of Sonali chicks than you will get to see approx. 24-30 rupees per chicks. The price of the chicks are not fixed in everywhere, it’s depends on different factors including: Location, Quality, Breeder, Seasons etc. However, if you want to buy good Quality of Sonali chicken breed Chicks than you can directly contact with us.

Sonali chicken chicks

Let’s have a look into appearance of Sonali chicken breed chicks, which will help you to identify the originals:

  • The ideal size of chicks should be 30-35 grams per chicks
  • Chicks will be different in colors but mostly will be seen shade of pale yellow or cream.
  • Their beaks are short and straight.
  • The legs of Sonali chicken chicks are relatively long in proportion to their size.
  • They have four toes, three pointing forward and one backward.


5) Sonali Murga / Rooster

Sonali chicken roosters are typically larger than hens, with an average weight of 2.5-3 kg. They have a single, upright comb that is red in color. Their wattles are medium-sized and well-developed, and they are also red in color. The main role of the Sonali Rooster is to protect their flock and for reproduction.

With its unique characteristics and roles within the flock, the Sonali chicken rooster plays an essential part in both natural behaviors and agricultural practices. Here are some of the important roles of the rooster in-to the flock:

  • Mate with the hens: The rooster is responsible for fertilizing the hens’ eggs, so he is essential for the reproduction of the flock.
  • Provide leadership: The rooster leads the flock to food and water, and he also helps to keep the flock together.
  • Provide companionship: The rooster can provide companionship for the hens, and he can also help to keep them safe and entertained.
Sonali murga and murgi

6) Sonali Murgi / Hen

Sonali hens are typically smaller than roosters, hens fulfill vital roles in the flock that they produce both meat and eggs. However, if you want eggs selling business either it’s fertile or unfertile eggs than you must have to keep more hens than roosters to ensure higher egg production.

As Sonali hens are smaller than the roosters, with an average weight of 2-2.5 kg. They have a single, upright comb that is red in color. Their wattles are medium-sized and well-developed, and they are also red in color.

Here are some other characteristics of Sonali hens:

  • They have a white plumage.
  • Their feathers are soft and fluffy.
  • They have a sturdy build and are known for their ability to survive in different weather.
  • They are good layers.
  • They are also good for meat production.


7) Sonali Chicken Price

In India, the price of a Sonali chick is typically around ₹24-30 per chicks. The price of a mature Sonali chicken or their meat is typically around ₹180-250 per kg. However, the price of Sonali chicken is depending on various factors including: demand of the chicken, seasons, the age of the chicken, and the breeder.

If you are thinking to buying Sonali chicken chicks, it is important to do your research and compare prices from different breeders. You should also make sure that the chickens are healthy and have a good temperament. However, if you want to buy original Sonali chicks than you can directly contact with us.

8) Sonali Chicken Egg

The Sonali chicken breed is not good in laying eggs as some other chicken breeds, however, they can lay an average of 150-200 eggs per year. As these chickens have good amount of eggs laying along with fast -growing ability, which makes them best choice for produce both eggs and meat than other chicken breeds.

Sonali chicken egg

Here are the characteristics and color of the Sonali chicken eggs:

  • Sonali chicken eggs are typically cream or light brown in color.
  • They are medium-sized, with an average weight of 50-55 grams.
  • They have a smooth, glossy shell.
  • Their eggs are also good for eating, with a mild flavor and a creamy texture.


9) Sonali Chicken Feed

The feed requirement of Sonali chicken breed is as same as other breeds of chickens are need. However, the feed requirement for Sonali chickens is vary or depending on the two main factors such as, age of the chicken, and how you are going to keeping you chickens.

If you are going to start Sonali poultry farming on a very large scale than you should always prefer to go with commercial feeds, apart from this, if you start with small scale or in backyard system than you can go with commercial feeds for 1-20 days than start feeding natural feeds, homemade feeds or kitchen and hotel waste etc.

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10) Sonali Chicken Farming

Sonali Poultry farming is very good and profitable business if someone can do this with proper knowledge and research. Therse are many poultry farmers in India who are stablished a business and earning very good income by rearing Sonali Chickens.

If you are thinking to jump in this business, you have to get proper knowledge in this field, because there are lots of video in social media platform related to Sonali Murgi Palan, but you don’t have to get influence by seeing all those videos. If you want to be successful in this field then you should start this business after getting basic information.

Watch: Here is a small video of a successful Sonali Poultry farmer:


In conclusion, Sonali chicken breed is good choice for both Backyard chicken keeper as well as commercial chicken farming business. These chickens have ability to grow faster and producing good amounts of eggs. Due to all this ability, a chicken farmer can earn good income in a short time.

Hopefully, all the doubt related Sonali chicken breed is cleared, if you already have an experience with this chicken breed, then please drop your valuable feedback by commenting bellow and don’t forget to share this post with your friends or chicken lovers.

Hope This Helps! Thank you.


Q1: Is Sonali a Desi Chicken?

Ans: No, Sonali Chickens are not pure desi breed, they are hybrid that crossed with Rhode Island Red and Fayoumi chickens.

Q2: What is the weight of egg in Sonali chicken?

Ans: Average a Sonali Chicken eggs weight around 50-55 grams.

Q3: What age does a Sonali chicken lay eggs?

Ans: When a hens become 135-140 days old.

Q4: How many eggs does a sonali chicken lay?

Ans: A healthy Sonali chicken can lay around 150-200 eggs per year.

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