RIR Chicken Breed Details: 16 Things You Should Know!

When it’s comes to raising chickens in backyard, there are many different breeds to choose. One of the most popular choices is the RIR Chicken breed (Rhode Island Red). This breed has been a favorite among most of the chicken lovers for many years.

RIR Chicken Breed

RIR Chicken Breed:

RIR Chicken Breed is one of the most brown egg producer chicken breed in the world. This breed is best for the commercial brown egg producing business and also for the villagers or rural areas people those who are want to rearing chicken in Backyard system or Free-Range System

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1) Origin of RIR Chicken:

The origin of RIR chicken breed is United States. This breed was developed in the late nineteenth century, by cross breeding of Malay with Brown Leghorn bird from Italy. It’s American domestic chicken breed. This chicken was named Rhode Island Red because it was the state bird of Rhode Island.

OriginUnited States
HistoryDeveloped in the late 19th century by crossing several different breeds of chicken.
AppearanceMedium-sized birds with a rectangular body shape and single comb and wattles. Plumage is red-brown in color, with darker markings on the tail and wings.
TemperamentGentle and polite.
Egg productionGood, producing an average of 250-300 eggs per year.
Meat qualityGood, juicy, and flavorful.
Hardiness and adaptabilityVery hardy and adaptable, well-suited for a variety of climates and conditions.
PurposeEgg production, meat production, show.
Table: About Rhode Island Red (RIR) Chicken Breed.

2) RIR Chicken Breed Characteristics:

Lots of peoples are like Rhode Island Red chickens because they are good in both for laying eggs and producing good quality of meat. However here are some of their key physical characteristics which makes them different from others:

  • RIR is one of the best breeds which has good production ability and very beautiful and attractive at the same time.
  • They have rectangular, relatively long bodies.
  • The Body color of this breeds is Dark Brown or Radish in colored.
  • Their legs are small and yellow in colored.
  • Their eyes are Red-orange and Skin is yellow in colored.
  • This chickens are very calm in nature but some time they have been seen little aggressive in nature due to over-crowding or when they got stressed.
  • This breed is suitable for both Confinement and free range system.

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3) Temperament of RIR Chicken Breed:

Rhode Island Red (RIR) chickens are popular among poultry keepers because they have a good temperament. Here is a more detailed look at their temperament:

  1. Friendly and Polite: RIR Chicken Breed is a friendly and very easy to handle. Their calm nature makes them a good choice for backyard flocks.
  2. Social Birds: RIR chickens are social birds that they like to being around with other chickens.
  3. Non-aggressive: RIR chickens are not usually aggressive towards people or other chickens.
  4. Curious and Active: RIR chickens are curious and like to explore their surroundings.

4) What Are RIR Chicken Used For?

RIR is a dual-purpose chicken breed they can be rearing for both Eggs and meat production but this breed of chicken is specially known for higher egg producer among all dual purposes chicken breeds. They are capable for producing higher eggs and meat at very minimal time periods.

When this chicken are rearing in Free Range System, Roosters are can be sold as meat in the market when they reach 1kg or more and rest of Hens are can be kept for egg production. In this process farmers can earn money by selling Eggs and meat in very less time.

5) RIR Chicken Breed Price:

The price of RIR Chicken breed chicks are comes around 4$ – 10$, but it’s not fixed in everywhere, because the price of a baby chicks is always can vary, which is depending on seasons, places or location, breeder and also the breed purity.

When it’s come to rearing chickens, it’s must have to chose a right, pure and good quality of chicks, to ensure the successful chicken keeping. So always try to buy chicks from a Reputed Hatchery or from your local breeding farm.

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6) What Do RIR Chicken Feed?

RIR Chicken Feed

As You Know RIR chicken breed is suitable for both Confinement and free-range system, that’s why farmers can keep them by feeding Ready-made chicken feed as well as Free Natural feed. Here are some of the common foods that you can feed to your RIR Chickens:

A) Ready-made Chicken Feed

All the chicken feeds that are available in the market have filled with all the important nutrients that are important in chickens body for their better growth and development. Basically there is 5 types of Ready-made feed which are makes for the chickens to maximize the production.

Here all the 5 types of ready-made chickens food, that are used to fees based on the chicken age and the purpose:

I) Pre starter Chicken Feed

The Pre stater feed is made for the baby chicks. This type of feed should be feeding from 1st day to 7th days. The PS (Pre stater) feed help to provide all the essential nutrients to the chicks for their better growth and minimize the mortality initially.

II) Stater Chicken Feed

Stater feed is also for the chicks but it’s have to use from 8-30 days. The Stater feed has all the important nutrients that are helps for better body growth of chicks. It’s very important to feed starter feed for the fist 20-30 days to obtain better growth of the chicks.

III) Grower Chicken Feed

The grower chicken feed is a type of chicken feed that is specifically designed for chickens between the ages of 6 and 20 weeks. This feed should be use from 31-60 days. This feed is helps to fastest body growth and development of the chickens.

IV) Finisher Chicken Feed

Finisher chicken feed is a type of chicken feed that is specifically designed for chickens between the ages of 10 and 36 weeks. The finisher feed is helps to maintain the body weight that have been achieved. When the finisher feed have to start feeding, it’s all depending on that what breed of chicken you are rearing.

V) Layer Mash Chicken Feed

Layer Mash feed is for the Egg Layer Chickens. If RIR chickens are kept for egg laying purposes then it’s important to feed layer Mash feed to the hens. This types feed should start feeding to chickens from the age of 110 days, and feeding until the Hens are not stopped laying eggs.

All types feed that mentioned above which different, different Company are making them in the market so whenever you will go for buy always try to buy from the Reputed Company’s Feed with low FCR Rate.

B) Natural Chicken Feed

There are lots of chicken feed available in nature, by feeding them to the RIR chickens will grows faster, along with the health of the chickens will also remain good.

  • All the seasonal vegetables which you can feed to your RIR chickens.
  • Some plants leaf that contain high amount of protein and other nutrients can feed to RIR chicken’s.
  • Feed Azolla to your RIR chickens which will helps fast growing.
  • Feed your chickens Wheat grass, Maize grass etc.
  • Try to feed Homemade Chicken Feed to your RIR chickens.
  • All the natural feed that will help to keep chickens healthy as well as it will save lot of money of farmers.

7) When do RIR Chicken Start Laying Eggs?

The RIR chicken breed hens are start laying eggs when they are become 18.5 to 20 weeks (130-140 days) of age. This time of the chickens is also called the maturity stage of the hens. However, the exact time when chickens will start laying eggs, that can vary and depending on different factors.

When the hens are start laying eggs, initially you will not get to see that your all hens are laying eggs. As the time passes, gradually all the hens will start laying eggs. At that time, the size of the eggs can seen to be little smaller but as the day progresses the size of the eggs will also increase.

8) When do RIR Chickens Produce Maximum Eggs?

The maximum egg production will be seen when the age of the hens is about to 25 to 27 weeks (180-190 days). When hens are turn 130-140 days old they start laying eggs, but at that time not all the hens are lay only 10 to 20 out of 100 are start laying, as the days passes all the hens are start laying eggs.

when the age of the hens becomes 25 to 27 weeks (180-190 days), then all the hens are start laying eggs, at this time most no of eggs are obtained from the hens. However, to ensure maximum egg production from chickens, it’s important to provide proper diet and nutrients.

9) RIR Chicken Egg Production:

RIR chicken eggs

A good and healthy Rhode Island Red hen can lay around 230 to 300 eggs per year, in general a RIR hen will lay around 4 to 6 eggs per week. A hen can produce maximum number of eggs in the first year, then gradually as the years passes it’s production can decreasing by 20%.

However, the number of eggs that an RIR hens is lays per year, that depends on some factors, including breed, nutrition, climate, and the age of the hens. To get maximum eggs production from the chickens, it’s important to provide them proper care.

10) How Long do RIR Chicken Lay Eggs?

If a RIR hen is always kept healthy by providing proper medicine and proper feed, then a hen can lay eggs continuously for 5-7 years. However, hens are does not lay eggs in the 5 or 7 year as it does in the 1 year.

How many eggs a hen can lay, it depends on how chickens are being reared. If the hens is reared in the free-range methods they will lay less eggs but for long time than a chickens who are reared in confinement methods.

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11) RIR Chicken Egg Color:

The Rodhe Island Red hens are lay Brown-light brown in color of eggs. However, it’s important to understand that the color of an egg is determined by the breed of chicken, not by the color of their feathers. So even darker feathers in RIR Chickens, they mostly lay light brown eggs.

12) What Size Eggs do RIR Lay?

The RIR chicken eggs are medium-large in size. The weight of one egg is about 55-60grams, but some times the eggs is also seen small in size. The size of the eggs can vary and depending on some factors: like nutrients, light, diseases etc.

The biggest reason for the chicken eggs being small is the lack of Calcium in the chicken’s body. Whatever feed you are giving to the hens to eat, if calcium is not available in proper quantity, then smaller eggs, week egg shell, low in egg productions etc. problem can be seen.

13) How Long Do RIR Hens Live?

RIR Chicken

How long a RIR hens can live depends on its rearing methods, care and managements of the chickens. However, if chickens are being reared in backyard-system then average a hen can live 5-8 years, on the other hand if chickens are reared in a confinement methods then a hen can lives for 3-5 years.

14) RIR Chicken Weight Chart:

The body growth of RIR chickens at the age of 12 weeks (85-90 days), Male Chickens (Rosters) are about to: 1300-1500gm, and the female chickens (Hens) are about to: 1100-1300gm. The exact body weight of the chickens can vary.

The average body weight of hens, when they are comes to maturity stage (130-140 days old), at that time their body weight turns up to 1500-1650gm, and if talk about their maximum body weight, than the male chickens can tur up-to 3.5-4 kilogram and the Female chickens body weight can turn up-to: 3 kilograms.

Age (weeks)Weight (Ibs)Weight (grams/kg)
41.5600 grams.
83.01.3 kg.
124.52 kg.
166.02.7 kg.
207.53.4 kg.
248.53.8 kg
Table: RIR Chicken Weight Chart

15) Is RIR Chicken Good For Meat?

Yes, Rhode Island Red (RIR) chicken is good for meat. As this is a dual purpose chicken, that suitable for both flavorful, tender meat and eggs production. However they are most famous for their higher eggs laying ability.

16) Are RIR Chicken is Good For Beginners?

Definitely Rodhe Island Red chickens can be very good for the beginners. These chickens can be reared very easily in everywhere, and suitable for all kinds of environmental conditions which makes them apart from other chicken breeds.

If you are new to chicken keeping, Rhode Island Red chickens are a good option to choose. They are a good and all-around breed that is easy to care, handle and can provide you fresh eggs and meat for years.

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Author Advice

If you are thinking for raising chickens and you are new here, that have no idea about chicken farming, then definitely you can start keeping RIR chickens so that you will learn about chickens and also will have brown eggs for years.

RIR chicken breed is very good for the beginners because its more easy to handle, rearing, and this chickens are adapts very well in every environmental conditions, they also get less effected by diseases, which makes them best choice for beginners and will not have to face much challenges in earlier days.


Q1: The Price of RIR chicken eggs?

Ans: RIR chicken eggs price ranges from 4$ – 6$/dozen, but it’s not fixed, it may be more or less depending on the seasons and place.

Q2: RIR chicken price?

Ans: Rodhe Island Red chicken’s meat price ranges from 3$ – 5$/kg, its price can be seen more or less at different places.

Q3: How many eggs do RIR lay a week?

Ans: A healthy RIR hen can lay 4 – 6 eggs in a week.

Q4: Which chicken lay the most eggs?

Ans: The chicken breed that lays the most eggs is the Leghorn.

Q5: How many years do chicken lay eggs?

Ans:A healthy backyard chicken can lay eggs up to 5 – 7 year or more. How many years a chicken will lay eggs it can be different according to different breed.

I’m Mritunjay Chowdhury, delighted to share with you my years of experience and expertise in the field of chicken farming. Our mission is to empower chicken farmers, enthusiasts, and newcomers with accurate, practical, and insightful information to grow in poultry farming.

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