Everything About Easter Egger Rooster With Picture!

When it comes to raising chickens in backyard, one breed that stands out for their vibrant and eye capturing looks that is the Easter Egger rooster. The rooster can add beauty and charm into your backyard chicken flock if you consider them.

Easter egger rooster

Appearance of Easter Egger Rooster

Easter Egger chicken roosters are known for their attractive and eye-catching appearance. The roosters have really attractive and beautiful feathers. They come in multiple colors and patterns, like bluegreenbrown, and even little bit of red, which makes them really stand out and look amazing in the flock.

How Easter Egger Roosters are Behave?

Most of the time the Roosters are generally known for their friendly, calm and gentle temperament but sometime roosters can be aggressive, especially if they are not properly socialized or if they feel danger around them. However, if you have mixed flock then nothing to worry, they will not fight with other chickens and will live together.

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Role Of The Easter Egger Roosters In Flock?

easter egger roosters

The roosters are play very important role on the flock in different ways;

I) Protecting the Flock

As like all the roosters Easter egger Roosters are also act like guards for their flock. They can see and hear very well and try to save their family from danger. If they see something that could harm the hens or their chicks, they quickly warn everyone. This helps keep the whole flock safe.

II) Breeding and Reproduction:

If you have Roosters in your flock then, they can help you to have more chickens in your flock. When roosters mate with the hens, then hens will able to produce fertile eggs which will help you to have baby chicks in future.

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Purpose of Keeping Easter Egger Rooster:

Most of the chicken keepers are used to keep rooster for two main purpose; 1) for meat production and 2) for breeding purpose. If you want to go for meat production then, easter egger rooster will provide you good amount of meat. on the other hand, if you want to extend your flock then, you have to keep (1:5 ratio) 1 rooster in every 5 hens.

How much is an Easter Egger rooster worth?

The Easter Egger roosters typically cost less than hens due to the fact that they don’t lay eggs. The price can vary depending on several factors. However, in general the price can ranges from $5 – $10 for chicks and $15 – $25 for young roosters.

How long do Easter Egger roosters live?

Like most of the chicken breeds, with proper care and their management the Easter Egger roosters can have a lifespan of 5-8 years. A healthy diet, clean coop environment, and access to fresh water, these all will help to contribute a batter and longer lifespan.


The Easter Egger rooster will be wonderful and colorful addition to your backyard chicken family. They have beautiful feathers, friendly personalities, and help protect the flock. If you want to have baby chicks, they can make that happen too.

Whether you’re new to raising chickens or already have experience, having an Rooster will make your backyard even more amazing and bring joy with their activities and cheerful crowing.

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