Production Blue Chicken: 9 Amazing Things With Pictures!

In the world of chickens, there is a special breed that is called Production Blue Chickens. This chicken is loved by almost every backyard chicken keepers, as they are very pretty, sometime lay beautiful blue eggs, and are friendly in nature. Let’s know more about this breed.

production blue chicken

Production Blue Chicken Breed

Production Blue is relatively a new and dual-purpose breed of chicken that originated in the USA. This chicken is a hybrid means they were created by mixing two other chickens, Rhode Island Red Rooster with Blue Australorp Hen. The main focus was to create this breed is to get unique features and higher numbers of eggs from them.

It is believed that the Production Blue chickens was first time bred by a poultry farmer whose name was Walter Strand. Strand was always trying to developed a breed that would be both productive and hardy in nature, and later as the production blue chickens are successfully created, this chicken quickly gain popularity around the chicken lovers.

AppearanceStunning blue, gray, and black feathers, with a proud crest on their head
Egg ColorMostly Brown and some-times blue eggs
Egg ProductionAbout 250 eggs per year (approximately 5 to 6 eggs per week)
TemperamentPolite, friendly, and gentle
SuitabilityIdeal for families, children, and with mixed flocks
CareVery easy to care or as same like other chickens, do not need extra care.
HealthHardy in nature but can suffer from common chicken diseases.
Table: Production Blue Chicken Breed

1) Temperament of Production Blue chickens

As like other chicken breeds Production Blue chickens are also known for their calm and polite temperament. They are not known for aggression and they can integrate very well with family, children and other chickens of the flock.

Production Blues are also relatively easy to care, hardy in nature and are not flighty, these all thigs makes them best choice for new chicken keepers.

2) Appearance of Production Blue chickens

production blue chickens

Production Blue Chickens are look so pretty and unique. Their feathers are have amazing and unique colors like blue, gray, and black, and they shine when they expose in the sun light. The roosters and hens both have a cool comb on their head that makes them look like little kings or queens.

  • Size: They are medium-sized chickens, a mature hen weight can be 5-6 pounds and 6-7 pounds for roosters.
  • Color: They have a blue and shiny feathers. The feathers on their neck and tail are a darker blue, and they have white under belly.
  • Comb: They have a single comb, which is red in color.
  • Wattles: Production Blues have wattles, which are fleshy growths that hang from their neck. The wattles are red in color.
  • Earlobes: They have blue earlobes.

3) Production Blue Chicks, Size and Price

production blue chicken chicks

Production Blue chicks are so adorable, as when they hatch their soft feathers are mostly seen blue or gray in color. They are relatively small when they hatch and their weight can be around 0.10 – 0.14 lbs. If you are thinking to buy this chicken chicks then they can cost around $5 – $10 per chick. However price can vary in different areas or country.

4) Production Blue Rooster and Hen

production blue rooster and hen

A) Production Blue Rooster

The Production Blue roosters are typically larger than the hens, as a mature rooster can weight around 6-7 pounds. The rooster are very friendly and protective for their family. The main role of the roosters into the flock is to protect their family and mating with the hens.

If we talk about their some common appearance than they have a single red color of comb, their wattles are also red, and they have blue earlobes. The roosters also have beautiful feathers in colors like blue, gray, and black that shine in the sunlight.

B) Production Blue Hen

The Production Blue Hens are beautiful in looking and smaller in size than the roosters. Hens also has pretty feathers colors like blue, gray, and black that shine in the sun. The main role of the hens into the flock is to laying eggs and protecting their baby chicks.

While the hens may not have fancy comb as like rooster has, but still they can looks amazing with their unique feather colors. The best part about the Hens is they mostly lay Brown eggs but some-times they also can lay blue color of eggs.

6) Feed Requirement for Production Blue chickens

Feeding Production Blue Chickens is easy and same as the other chickens. Here are some simple tips:

  1. Chicken Feed: Give them good-quality chicken food made for laying hens. Look for “layer” or “egg-laying” feed. It has all the right nutrients they need.
  2. Calcium Boost: To help their eggs have strong shells, offer crushed oyster shells or calcium supplements in a separate container.
  3. Fresh Water: Always make sure they have clean water to drink, as it’s essential for their health.
  4. Treats Sometimes: You can give them occasional treats like fruits, veggies, or mealworms.
  5. Avoid Harmful Foods: Don’t give them foods like chocolate, onions, garlic, or avocado. These can be bad for their health.
  6. Let Them Roam: If you can, let them roam in your backyard. This will help them to find bugs, insects, and plants to eat, which is good for their health.

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7) Production Blue Chicken Eggs

production blue chicken eggs

The Production Blues chickens are not only look pretty, but also they can Produce attractive brown and Blue color of eggs throughout the year. However, there are many things which you should know before adding them into your backyard flock.

I) When They Start Laying Eggs:

Production Blue Chickens usually start laying eggs when they are about 5 to 6 months old. But sometimes, it can be different for each chicken. However, once the hens are ready, they will lay eggs regularly. During the first few months, their eggs might be smaller, but they will get bigger as the chicken grows or day passes.

II) Eggs Per Year:

The Production Blue Chickens usually lay around 250 to 300 eggs in a year. Young hens lay more eggs in their first year and may decrease their egg production by 20% as the year passes. years. To keep them more productive through out the year, do not forget to provide required supplements.

III) Egg Color and Size:

The eggs of Production Blue Chickens are really cool because they are lay mostly Brown Color of eggs but some-times they can also lay blue color of eggs which makes them different from other chicken breeds.

The eggs are medium in size, that can weight around 50-60 grams per eggs. The size of the eggs can vary, its depending on different factors such as feeding, health, light, calcium, age of the hens etc.

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8) Care and Management for Production Blue chickens

To keep the chickens healthy and productive, it’s important to have proper care and management of your flock. There are many things to provide for their better health, such as; proper housing, bedding, food, healthcare, and protection from Predator.

I) Housing:

Provide a safe and comfortable coop for your chickens to rest, roost, and lay eggs. The coop should protect them from predators and harsh weather conditions.

II) Bedding:

 Use clean and dry bedding material inside the coop, such as straw or wood shavings, to keep the chickens comfortable and maintain a clean and hygiene environment.

III) Nutritious Feed:

Give them a balanced chicken food specifically formulated for laying hens, and also don’t forget to provide fresh water for all the times. Additionally, you have to offer multivitamins, calcium supplements, like crushed oyster shells, will support their quality eggs production.

IV) Dust Bathing:

Provide a designated area with dry soil or sand for your chickens to take dust baths. This helps keep their feathers clean and free of pests.

V) Healthcare:

Regularly check your chickens for signs of illness or injury. Keep their living space clean and practice good biosecurity to prevent the spread of diseases.

VI) Nesting Boxes:

Offer suitable nesting boxes for your hens to lay eggs. These boxes should be filled with clean bedding material to make them feel comfortable and secure.

VII) Predator Protection:

 Ensure your coop has secure locks to protect your chickens from potential predators.

9) Production Blue Chicken Lifespan

Production Blue Chickens usually live for about 6 to 8 years. But some may live longer or shorter it’s all depending on how well you are taking care for your chickens. With love and care, your Production Blue Chickens will be happy and healthy, and giving you beautiful blue eggs for many years!


In conclusion, The Production Blue Chickens are amazing and special. They look beautiful with their blue, gray, and black feathers, and even some-times they lay eggs that are blue! Adding Production Blue Chickens to your flock will bring joy and wonder to your chicken-raising experience.


Q1: Where can I buy Production Blue Chickens?

Ans: You can buy them form reputable sources or breeders.

Q2: When do production blues start laying?

Ans: Production Blues typically start laying eggs at around 18-20 weeks of age.

Q3: How many eggs do production blue chickens lay?

Ans: Production Blue chickens can lay an average of 250-300 eggs per year.

Q4: How long do production blue chickens live?

Ans: Production Blue chickens can live for an average of 6-8 years.

Q5: Are Production Blue Chickens good for beginners in chicken keeping?

Ans: Yes, Production Blue chickens are a good breed for beginners in chicken keeping. They are relatively hardy and easy to care.

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