Feeding Multivitamin to Chickens: 5 Amazing Benefits!

In poultry farming, it is very important to use the right medicine and supplements to the chickens at the right time, because as the summer season is going on and at this time, the right medicine has to be used very carefully for the chickens. Let’s talk about the Feeding multivitamin to chickens, benefits and how to use!

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Feeding Multivitamin to Chickens:

So first of all, if you want to get more eggs or more weight from your chickens during summer, then you will definitely have to use multivitamins, and along with all this, you should also use them in the right quantity and at the right time.

Benefits of Feeding Multivitamin to Chickens:

feeding multivitamin to chickens

Feeding multivitamin to chickens on regular basis can offer several health benefits, as its help to help to promote overall health of birds, and their productivity. Here are some of the key advantages:

1) Increase Immune Power:

Feeding Multivitamin to chickens on regular basis will provide important vitamins and minerals that will help them to fight against sickness. This will help you to keeps your whole flock healthy and less likely to get contagious diseases for all the time.

2) Reduced Stress:

First of all, due to extreme heat or extreme cold, chickens are can comes under lot of stress, that cause immunity of chickens very weak, and at that time, if you start feeding multivitamin to chickens, than this will help your chickens to keep free from stress.

As the multivitamin supplement has contain Vitamin A and Vitamin E, these will help in protecting the chicken from heat and cold stress.

3) Increase Nutrient Absorption:

Apart from this, regular use of multivitamin during the summer or winter seasons, it increases the nutrient absorption in chickens. Because during extreme heat, the appetite of chickens reduces a lot and along with this, the absorption of nutrients also reduces.

Hence feeding multivitamin to chickens at such times will keep the chickens healthy for a longer period, and the production rate in chickens also does not decrease.

4) Increase Egg Production and Egg Quality:

Regular feeding multivitamin to chickens also help to increase their egg production and their egg quality. As it contains Vitamin D which helps in increasing the absorption of calcium. And if the absorption of calcium in chickens body will increase then the egg production in chickens will also increase.

5) Improve functions of nervous system:

After this, Vitamin B-complex present in multivitamins helps in improving the functioning of the nervous system, which this is very important for those chickens which are unable to walk properly, or if there is problem of paralysis in any chicken, then it is very important to give multivitamins to those chickens.

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Doses of Multivitamin for Chickens:

dose of multivitamin for chickens

Now if we talk about its dosage or how much quantity should you use, then the dose will be different according to the age of chickens. Although the exact dose of multivitamins also can be different according to the company or brands who making the product.

The individual companies are used to mention the exact dose on their packaging. However, the general doses of multivitamins for chickens that most of companies are suggest to farmers for use @5% for 100 chicks, @10% for grower chicken and @15% for layer chickens.

Stage Age of chickensDose per 100 Chickens
Chicks1 to 30 days old3 to 5 ml.
Grower Chicken30 to 80 days old7 to 10 ml.
Layer Chicken80 days or Above12 to 15 ml.
Table: Doses of Multivitamins for Chickens

How to Feed Multivitamins to Chickens?

Now friends, if we talk about how to use it? then you can use it in two different ways. First, you can mix it in water, apart from that, you can also give to the chickens by mixing it in the regular chicken food i.e. the grains you give to your hens to eat.

So, if you want to feed multivitamin to your chickens by mixing in drinking water or in regular food, than you have to take multivitamin according to the age of chickens and use fresh drinking water or chicken food, than mix it well. Try to mix the supplement in as much water or food you give to your chickens to drink or eat at one time.

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How Long Multivitamin Can Feed to Chickens?

Now the question that may coming to your mind is, for how many days do you have to use the multivitamins to chickens continuously? So during summer, if possible, you should use multivitamin on regular basis. If you are not able to use regular, suppose if you are keeping few numbers of chickens at home and you do not have enough budget, then at that time, Use it at least for three days in every week.


So friends, if you are rearing chickens, whether you are doing it on a large scale or you are rearing chickens on a small scale at home in backyard system, and if you want your chickens to have good health during summers or other seasons, it is very important for you to use multivitamins on regular basis to your chickens.

Overall, feeding multivitamin to chickens during summer or winter season will improve the overall health of the chickens, along with that, the growth rate of chickens and egg production will also increase.

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