Easter Egger Rooster Vs Hen: 6 Main Differences and Roles!

If you’re thinking about to keeping Easter Eggers in your backyard, it’s important to understand the differences between Easter Egger rooster and hens. In this blog post, we will compare the Easter Egger Rooster Vs Hen, which will help you to decide right one for your backyard flock.

easter egger rooster vs hen

Easter Egger Rooster vs Hen

Easter Eggers are a popular chicken breed known for their beautiful and colorful eggs. They can lay in different color of eggs, including blue, green, brown, and even pink. Easter Eggers are also relatively hardy and easy to care.

One of the important decisions you will need to make when you get Easter Eggers, whether to get roosters or hens. There are some key differences between Easter Egger rooster and hens that you should consider before making your decision.

AspectEaster Egger RoosterEaster Egger Hen
Egg ProductionDoes not lay eggsGood egg layers, produce eggs in various colors
Physical AppearanceLarger combs and wattles, decorative long tail feathersSmaller combs and wattles, shorter tails
BehaviorProtective, dominant, can be aggressiveSociable, less aggressive, nurturing and protective of chicks
VocalizationsLoud and distinct crowingSoft clucking sounds
Feather ColorsVibrant and eye-catching plumageVibrant and eye-catching plumage
SociabilityVaried temperament, some can be friendly and gentleGenerally sociable and friendly
RolesProtects the flock, establishes dominanceForages, explores, interacts with flock members, nurtures chicks
Egg Laying FrequencyDoes not lay eggs200-280 eggs per year (on average)
Table of Easter Egger Rooster Vs Hen

1) Appearance:

Easter Egger rooster and hens both are look almost similar, but there are some differences. They both have medium-sized bodies and stand up straight. Easter Eggers have colorful feathers with different patterns, and some have fluffy cheeks and beards.

Roosters usually have bigger and more noticeable combs and wattles, as well as long, fancy tail feathers. Hens have shorter tails. Here is the comparison of physical appearance of Easter Egger rooster Vs hens:

Easter Egger rooster:

  • Larger size compared to hens.
  • More prominent and larger combs and wattles on the head.
  • Long and decorative tail feathers.
  • Vibrant and colorful plumage with a variety of patterns.
  • Some roosters may have fluffy cheeks and a beard.
  • Generally more vibrant and eye-catching in appearance.

Easter Egger hen:

  • Smaller in size compared to roosters.
  • Combs and wattles are smaller and less pronounced than roosters.
  • Tails are generally shorter and less elaborate.
  • Vibrant and colorful plumage similar to roosters but may be less vibrant overall.
  • Some hens may have fluffy cheeks and a beard.
  • Overall appearance is still attractive, but typically not as showy as the roosters.

2) Size and Weight:

easter egger hen vs rooster

When comparing the size and weight of Easter Egger rooster Vs hens, here are some major differences them you can expect:

Easter Egger rooster:

  • Size: Roosters are bigger than hens. They have a strong and muscular body.
  • Weight: On average, Easter Egger roosters weigh around 6-8 pounds. However, some roosters may weigh more or less than that.

Easter Egger hen:

  • Size: Hens are smaller than roosters. They have a slim and sleek body.
  • Weight: On average, Easter Egger hens weigh around 4-6 pounds. But remember, each hen can have a slightly different weight.

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3) Behavior and Temperament:

easter egger rooster and hen

Both Easter Egger rooster and hens are known for being friendly and gentle. Hens are usually more sociable and less aggressive than roosters. They like to explore, find food, and hang out with their chicken friends.

Hens are good at taking care of their chicks and keeping them safe. On the other hand, roosters are more protective and like to be in charge. Some roosters are nice and calm, but others can be a bit aggressive and can get fights with other roosters.

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4) Purpose:

The easter egger rooster and hens they both have individual and multiple purpose on the flock. The rooster provide protection for the flock and can mate with the hens to fertilize eggs. On the others hand hens are primarily kept for egg production and to care their chicks.

5) Egg Production:

easter egger eggs

The biggest difference between Easter Egger rooster and hens is that only hens can lay eggs. Hens are great at producing eggs, they can lay eggs in various colors, like blue, green, pink, and brown.

How many eggs they lay can depend on different things like their breed, age, diet, and environment. On an average, a hen can lay around 200-280 eggs every year.

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6) Which is the better choice for you?

The better choice between an Easter Egger rooster and hen depends on what you want. Here are some things to think about:

  1. Eggs: If you want lots of eggs, hens are the better choice. They lay eggs in different colors like blue and green, pink etc.
  2. Protection: Roosters can help protect the flock from predators. They watch out for danger and sound the alarm if something’s wrong.
  3. Noise: Roosters can be loud because of their crowing. If you have neighbors or noise rules, hens might be a better option to keep things quiet.

Think about what you like. Roosters can be beautiful with their attractive feathers, while hens are friendly and sociable. Remember, there is no right or wrong to choice, it is fully depending on what you want and what will make you happy.

Video: Easter Egger Chicken Breed


In conclusion, easter egger is good chicken breed for your backyard, but choosing between an Easter Egger rooster and hen depends on what you want. If you want lots of eggs, go for a hen. If you want protection for your flock, meat and extend your flock than a rooster will also be good choice.


1) Are easter egger roosters loud?

Easter Egger roosters can be loud, but they are not typically as loud as some other breeds of roosters.

2) Are easter egger roosters aggressive?

Easter Egger roosters are not typically as aggressive as some other breeds of roosters. However, some roosters can be aggressive, if they are not properly socialized or if they feel any danger.

3) When do easter egger hens start laying?

Easter Egger hens typically start laying eggs at around 6-7 months of age.

4) Do easter egger chickens go broody?

No, they are not typically as broody as some other breeds of chickens. However, some Easter Eggers will go broody, especially if they have been bred for this trait.

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