Easter Egger vs Ameraucana: 5 Main Differences And Roles!

When it comes to keeping chickens in backyard, Easter Eggers and Ameraucanas both are very popular chicken breeds, as they are known for their ability to lay different or unique color of eggs. In this blog post we will discuss in details about Easter Egger vs Ameraucana chicken breeds.

Easter egger vs ameraucana

Easter Egger vs Ameraucana Chicken

Easter Eggers and Ameraucanas both are the dual-purpose chickens breed, means they can produce both meat as well as eggs. These chicken breeds are mainly popular for their ability to lay different and colorful eggs. However, here are some key differences between Easter Egger Vs Ameraucana chickens:

CharacteristicEaster EggerAmeraucana
Origin and HistoryMixed breed or hybrid chickenDeveloped from Araucana breed
Recognized BreedNoYes
PurposeDual-purpose (meat and eggs)Dual-purpose (meat and eggs)
Physical AppearanceVaried (diverse feather color, comb type, leg color)Distinctive (muffs, beards, close-carrying tail)
Egg ColorsBlue, green, pink, brown, and other shadesConsistent blue
Egg-Laying Capacity200-280 eggs per year150-200 eggs per year
TemperamentFriendly and docileFriendly and docile
Care RequirementsStandard care, adaptable to various climatesStandard care, adaptable to various climates
Breed StandardsNot applicableBreed standards to conform to
Table of Easter Eggers vs Ameraucana chicken

Are Easter Eggers and Ameraucana the same?

No, Easter Eggers and Ameraucanas are not the same breed. They both have some differences which make them different from each other, such as, their Appearance, Egg Colors, Body weight etc. However, both these two breeds may have some similarities in terms of their egg colors and temperament.

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1) Origin: Easter Egger vs Ameraucana

A) Easter Egger chicken

The Easter Egger chicken does not have a specific origin as it is a hybrid chicken, however, it is believed that they were first developed in the United States in the early 20th century by crossing Araucana, Ameraucana and other breeds of chickens which are able to lay colorful eggs.

B) Ameraucana chicken

The Ameraucana chickens are come from South America. They Brought to United States in the early 20th century, Ameraucanas were selectively bred for enhancing their characteristic and for consistent ability to laying blue color of eggs.

2) Physical Characteristics: Easter Egger vs Ameraucana

Easter egger vs ameraucana chicken

A) Easter Egger chicken

Easter Egger chickens are comes medium in size, strong or muscular body and variety of feather colors and patterns, like: black, brown, white and even grey. This chicken have feathery comb on their head and also can have feathers under their chin, which make it fluffy in looking.

However, as you know the Easter Egger is a hybrid chicken, for that their physical characteristics can vary in every chickens, so it is depending on the breeds that were used for their development or crossing.

B) Ameraucana chicken

On the other hand, the Ameraucana chickens are also comes in medium size, well-rounded and compact body with different color of feathers, like; black, blue, buff, silver and even some time white. They appear small or pea comb and feathers or beard around their sides of the face.

3) Temperament: Easter Egger vs Ameraucana

A) Easter Egger chicken

The Easter Egger chickens are known for their friendly and polite temperament, which makes them very easy to care for the new chicken owners. Their friendly and clam nature helps them to integrate well with other chickens of the flock. Both these chicken breeds has potential to make strong bond with their owners.

B) Ameraucana chicken

On the other hand, the Ameraucana chickens are also known for their calm and friendly temperament. As these chickens are very gentle and calm in nature which makes them very easy to care for the new chicken keepers. However the Ameraucana chickens are show more activeness than the easter egger chickens.

4) Egg production and Egg Colors:

Easter egger vs ameraucana chicken eggs

One of the primary reasons of keeping Easter Egger and Ameraucana chickens by the backyard chicken keepers is their ability to lay colorful eggs. Both these chickens are able to produce unique color eggs, which attract to most of the chicken lovers.

A) Easter Egger chicken

The easter egger chickens are become mature sooner than the Ameraucana chickens, as a easter egger hens are start laying eggs when they become 4 to 5 months old. If talk about their annual egg production then a hen can lay around 200 to 280 eggs per year, and their eggs can be in different colors, such as; Blue, green, pink, brown, and other shades.

B) Ameraucana chicken

On the other hand, the Ameraucana chickens are start laying eggs when they become 6 to 7 month old. However, the Ameraucana chickens are produce less amount of eggs than the Easter eggers, as a Ameraucana hen can produce 150 to 200 eggs in a year, and they will not lay colorful eggs like easter egger chickens, they consistent lay blue color of eggs.

5) Chicks Color, Size and Price

Easter egger vs ameraucana chicken chicks

A) Easter Egger chicken

Easter egger chicks can hatch with different feathers colors. Their feathers color may have shades of black, brown, yellow or even more bright colors like gray or reddish. The Easter egger chicks weight can be ranges from 1-2 ounces (28-56 grams) at hatching, which cost of chicks can range from $3 to $10 per chick.

B) Ameraucana chicken

On the other hand, the Ameraucana chicken chicks can come in different colors, so black Ameraucana chicks hatch with black feathers, blue chicks have bluish-gray down feathers, and chicks typically weighing around 1-2 ounces (28-56 grams) at hatching. The price of Ameraucana chicks can be higher than easter egger chicks, as it can range from $5 to $15 per chick.

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In conclusion, Easter Egger Vs Ameraucana both the chickens are very attractive which can offer unique characteristics and qualities to your backyard flock. Easter Eggers are valued for their ability to lay various colors of eggs, while on the other hand, Ameraucana chickens are lay only blue color of eggs.

If you are looking for a breed which will lay same color of eggs, than Ameraucanas may be the better choice. while on the other hand, if you want more eggs along with colorful eggs, than you may have better to go with Easter Egger Chickens.


Q1: Are Ameraucana and Easter Eggers the same?

Ans: No, Ameraucana and Easter Egger Chickens are not same, as they have many differences.

Q2: What is the difference between Americana and Easter Egger chickens?

Ans: The main differences between these two chicken is their coloration, such as body color, eggs color etc.

Q3: Do all Easter Eggers have puffy cheeks?

Ans: It’s not sure that all easter eggers cheeks will become puffy. As you know this is a cross or hybrid chicken, so the puffy cheeks is depending on the breeds that were used in their development.

Q4: Are Easter Eggers purebred?

Ans: No, Easter Egger chickens are not pure breed, they are mixed breed.

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