Welcome to 10 Adorable Fluffy Chickens Breeds, them you can raise in backyard.

#1: Silkie Chickens

Silkie is a Chinese breed known for their soft and fur-like feathers. They are small in size and comes in various colors like white, black, blue, and gray.

#2: Polish Chickens

The Polish chicken breed has a distinctive appearance, with a large crest of feathers on their head. They come in different colors like white, black, and blue.

#3: Orpington Chickens

The Orpington is a large and fluffy chicken breed is popular choice among the backyard chicken keepers due to its friendly personality and soft, fluffy feathers.

#4: Cochin Chickens

The Cochin breed is a large chicken breed with a heavily feathered body, are available in various colors like black, blue, buff, and white.

#5: Brahma Chickens

Brahma chickens are large and heavy, with feathered feet and a distinctive hump on their necks. They comes in a different of colors like buff, dark, and light.

#6: Sussex Chickens

The Sussex chicken breed are very popular choice for backyard chicken keepers due to their polite nature and excellent egg-laying abilities.

#7: Wyandotte Chickens

Wyandottes are friendly and docile birds that enjoy human interaction, making them a great choice for families looking for a friendly and easy-to-manage chicken breed.

#8: Easter Egger Chickens

The Easter Egger breed is a unique chicken breed that lays blue or green eggs. They have soft and fluffy feathers and come in various colors like black, red and buff.

#9: Faverolles Chickens

They have a distinctive appearance with a round, fluffy body, feathered legs and a small, flat comb on their head. Faverolles comes in variety of colors like black and blue.

#10: Ameraucana Chickens

Ameraucana has unique appearance, very beautiful and unique chicken breed and are known for laying colorful eggs like blue and green.

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