Australorp Chicken Breed: 11 Things That You Need to Know!

Among most of the chickens the Black Australorp chicken breed has gained popularity due to their ability to produce good numbers of eggs and the best quality of meat. In this blog post, we will give you in-detail information about this chicken breed.

Australorp Chicken

What are Black Australorp Chicken

The Black Australorp chicken breed is a specific variety within the Australorp breed. The Australorp chickens are a dual-purpose chicken breed, which they are known for their excellent egg-laying abilities and producing good quality of meat.

So if you are looking for a best dual-purpose chicken breed that can produce both meat and eggs, look no further than the Black Australorp chickens. One of the best thing of this breed is they can be kept for both backyard as well as commercial eggs production.

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PlumageShiny, lustrous black feathers
SizeLarge breed
Rooster Weight8 to 10 pounds (3.6 to 4.5 kg)
Hen Weight6 to 7 pounds (2.7 to 3.2 kg)
Egg ProductionExcellent egg layers
Egg ColorBrown
Annual Egg ProductionApproximately 200 to 300 eggs per year
Egg SizeLarge
TemperamentCalm, docile, and friendly
Hardy in Cold & Hot WeatherYes
Foraging AbilityGood
Table of Black Australorp Chicken Breed

Origin of Black Australorp chicken

Black Australorp chicken is a breed of Australian origin. It was developed in the early 1900s through selective breeding programs to improve the egg-laying capabilities of Orpington chickens. The name “Australorp” is derived from “Australian Orpington.”

Black Australorp chickens were crossed with Rhode Island Reds, Minorcas and Langshans to enhance their egg-laying capacity and adapt them to Australian conditions. The goal was to create a chicken breed that excelled in both egg production and meat quality.

Balck Australorp Chicken Video.

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Physical characteristics Australorp chicken

The Black Australorp chicken is a breed known for its unique and specific physical characteristics. Here are some key features of the Black Australorp:

  • The Color of the body of Black Australorp chickens is black.
  • They have large and Sigle types Comb.
  • Their Comb, Wattles, earlobes are red and Eyes are black in color 
  • They are very calm, friendly and not too much noisy in nature.
  • These chickens are suitable for every climatic conditions 
  • They can be reare very easily in Confinement Methods as well as Free-Range System.
  • They are good layer chicken as well as produce quality meat.

What are Australorp chicken used for?

Black Australorp Chickens are primary use as an excellent source of eggs for both small-scale and commercial egg production, but this chicken is a dual Purposes Chicken breed, they able to produce good quality of meat as well as Eggs.

Due to their calm and docile temperament, Australorps are become best choices for around backyard chicken keepers. They are well-suited for both small-scale and commercial purpose poultry keeping, as they are easy to handle, friendly in nature and easily can adopt to various environmental conditions.

As You Know Black Australorp chickens are developed with a focus on egg laying, but they can also be used for meat production. Although they are not specifically bred for meat, their larger body size and well-rounded body structure make them suitable for meat purposes.

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How much dose a Australorp chicken chicks cost?

The price of these chicken chicks is not fixed in everywhere, but it can be ranges from 4$ to 10$ per chick. The price of the baby chicks always get fluctuates and also vary according to the breeders, Hatchery’s, season and location.

Black Australorp chicken chicks

Whenever you go for buy chicks, always try to get from a good breeder or a Reputed Hatchery, so that there will be chances to get pure and good quality of chicks.

What do Australorp chicken feed?

Australorp chickens have needs similar diets as most of the chicken breeds needs. They require a balanced diet for their overall growth, development and better productions. Here’s what Australorp chickens typically feed on:

A) Commercial Chicken Feed:

A high-quality commercial chicken feed contains all the necessary nutrients, such as vitamins, protein, carbohydrates, minerals and other important nutrients which helping to support better body growth and higher egg production.

There are different types of Ready-made Chicken Feed Which are given according to different ages of chickens.

  1. Pre-Starter Chicken Feed: This feed is specially made for Chicks and given from 1st to 7 or 10 days of age.
  2. Stater Chicken Feed: Stater Chicken feed is fed to chicks from 11 to 30 days of age.
  3. Grower Chicken Feed: Grower feed is fed to Chickens from 31 to 60 days of age.
  4. Finisher Chicken Feed: This feed is fed to Chickens from 61 to until you are not selling chickens for meat.
  5. Layer Chicken Feed: if you want to keep chickens for egg laying then hen should be fed Layer feed. This feed is fed from 110 days to as long as hens are able to lay eggs.

B) Grains and Seeds:

In addition to commercial feed, you can also include some grains to their diet, like- corn, wheat, oats, as well as seeds such as sunflower seedspumpkin seeds etc. These can be provided as occasional treats or as a supplement to their regular feed.

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C) Fresh Fruits and Vegetables:

Australorp chickens can also enjoy a variety of fresh fruits and vegetables. Offer them small amounts of leafy greens like lettuce or spinach, as well as chopped fruits like apples, guava, berries etc. These addition to chicken’s diet can provide additional nutrients and can be given as treats in their regular feed.

D) Grit and Oyster Shell:

To improve the digestion, Australorp chickens require grit on their diet. Grit is small, hard particles like crushed granite or insoluble grit specifically designed for chickens. Grit helps them grind down and digest their food properly.

Additionally, providing oyster shell or crushed egg shells separately can supplement their calcium intake and support better egg laying capacity and strong eggshell formation.

When do Australorp chicken start laying eggs?

Black Australorp hens are start laying eggs when they are become 140 or 150 days (20 or 21 weeks) old. The exact age of chickens for egg production can be influenced by different factors such as breed genetics, nutrition, environmental conditions and overall health.

Black Australorp Chicken breed

When the Hens are start laying eggs is also called maturity stage of the chickens, at this time not all of your chickens in the flock will lay eggs, only some of them will lay. As the day progresses, gradually all the hens of the flock will start laying eggs.

When do Australorp chickens produce maximum eggs?

The maximum egg production will be seen when hens are become 180 to 200 days (25-28.5 weeks) old, but to obtain maximum eggs from them it’s very important that they should fed good and quality foods.

If the chickens are not producing enough eggs, then there can be many factors behind it, like chickens are not getting enough light,  calcium and other important nutrients, chickens are in under stress, overcrowding in the chicken house etc.

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Body growth of Australorp chickens

The avg. body growth of Black Australorp chickens when they are become 85 – 90 days old, then “MALE CHICKENS” (Rosters) are become 1300gm – 1500gm and “FEMALE CHICKENS” (Hens) are become 1100gm – 1300gm.

if talk about maximum body weight of male and female Black Australorp chickens then, “Male chickens” can be = 3.5kg – 4kg and “Female chickens” can be around 3kg.

How many eggs do Australorp lay a year?

Australorp chicken eggs

A good and healthy Black Australorp hen can lay 230 – 280 eggs per year, in general a Black Australorp hen will lay around 4 – 5 eggs per week A hen can lay the maximum number of eggs in the first year, then gradually as the years passes its production keep decreasing by 20%.

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How long do Australorp chicken lay eggs

If a Black Australorp chicken is always kept healthy, then a hen can lay eggs continuously for 5 – 7 years. A hen does not lay much eggs in the 5th or 7th year as much as it does in the 1st year.

How many eggs a hen can lay, it is depending on how chickens are being cared. If the chickens are reared in the free-range method, they will lay eggs for longer than chickens who are reared in confinement methods.

What color eggs do Australorp lay?

The Black Australorp hens are lay light Brown color of eggs. The shade of brown can vary slightly among individual hens, but the eggs are generally consistent in color within the breed.

What size eggs do Australorp lay?

The Australorp chicken eggs are larger in size. The weight of one egg is about 55 – 60grams, but some time hens are lay eggs small in size. The biggest reason for the chicken eggs being small is the lack of Calcium in the chicken’s body.

Whatever feed you are giving chickens to eat, if calcium is not available in proper amount, then smaller eggs, week egg shell, low in egg productions etc. problem can be seen.

How long do Australorp hens live?

If chickens are being reared in backyard or free-range system then average a hen can live 5 – 8 years, on the other hand if chickens are reared in a confinement methods then a hen lives for an average of 3 – 5 years.

How long Australorp hens will live it’s depending on the rearing methods, care and managements of the chickens.

Is Australorp chicken good for meat?

Yes definitely, Australorp chickens are dual purpose chicken breed, suitable for both meat and eggs, however they are most famous for egg laying but they also produce good and quality of meat.

Are Australorp chicken is good for beginners?

Definitely, Australorp chickens can be very good for the beginners. This is such a breed, which can be reared very easily in everywhere and suitable for all kinds of environmental conditions. Being a Dual-Purpose breed, by rearing these chickens for both meat and egg production, beginners can earn good profit in a very short time.


In conclusion, Black Australorp chickens are a dual-purpose breed that they can produce both – quality of meat and higher eggs, along with these chickens can increase the beauty of your backyard flock due to their attractive black color of appearance.

If you are thinking to keeping chickens either small scall in your backyard or for commercial level, the Black Australorp chickens will be the best option for you. The Black Australorp chickens are very easy to care and handle for both the beginners or experienced farmer, as they are very calm and polite in nature.


1) How much space do Australorps need?

The actual space is needed for one Australorp chicken is 2 to 3 square feet.

2) Can Australorp chickens fly?

Black Australorp chickens are very polite and calm in nature towards their owner, they are also very heavy breed, weighing in at around 3-4kgs, that’s why they can’t fly.

3) Are Australorp chickens good egg layers?

Yes definitely, Australorp chickens are dual purpose chicken breed, suitable for both meat and eggs, however they are most famous for egg laying but they also produce good and quality of meat.

4) Are black Australorps friendly?

Yes definitely, Black Australorp chickens are very polite and calm in nature towards their owner.

5) What age do Australorps reach maturity?

Black Australorp hens are get mature or start laying eggs when they are become 140 or 150 days (20 or 21 weeks) old.

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